Health and Environmental Certifications

When you’re looking to buy a mattress or a mattress topper, it’s always important to make sure that the products you’re looking at are certified to be safe! Lab tests are the only reliable way to know a product is free from harmful chemicals or emissions. Products can have components produced in various countries with different legal requirements regarding possibly harmful substances. This is why it’s so important to have global, transparent, standardized tests of product safety.

All of our latex foam is certified by the Eco Institut as well as the Oeko-Tex Association. These certifications can be a bit complicated, but it’s important to understand what they mean. Knowing a bit more about these certifications can help you select a product that is safe for you and your family.


Oeko-Tex Certification

All of our Pure Green Natural Latex foam is certified by Oeko-Tex.  Pure Green Natural Latex is used exclusively in our latex mattresses, latex toppers and latex cores. Oeko-Tex, an independent testing and certification system, offers extensive guarantees of reliable safety. Every product certified by Oeko-Tex is verified to comply with stringent requirements to ensure safety. 

Oeko-Tex headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, but there are 16 accredited locations across Europe and in Japan. Every location is entirely independent and neutral. The Oeko-Tex logo is the best known and most widespread test label for products tested for harmful substances.

The tests used by Oeko-Tex are updated every year, keeping health standards up to date with legal regulations and scientific findings. The Oeko-Tex Association holds textile safety to a higher standard than international legal regulations. The tests themselves check for multiple substances, sorted into three categories:

  1. Legally banned and regulated substances. This includes azo dyes, phthalates, heavy metals like nickel, etc.
  2. Harmful chemicals that are not yet legally regulated. This includes pesticides, and other similar substances.
  3. They also test parameters for safeguarding health, such as skin-friendly pH value and good color fastness.

Oeko-Tex does further tests on products by simulating skin contact, mouth contact (this is especially important with infants and toddlers), and emission tests.

These tests sort products into four categories. The most stringent catogory, Product Class I, ensures that items are safe for babies and children. All of our Pure Green Natural Latex has been tested at this level, and passed! 

If you want to learn more about Oeko-Tex, check out the website:

Sleep On Latex Oeko-Tex Certificate


Eco Institut Certification

The Eco Institut is an independent testing institution which is headquartered in Germany.  Its purpose is to test products with chemical, analytical, and physical lab tests to make sure those products comply with national and international guidelines and standards. One of the priorities of the Eco Institut is to measure emissions.

The Eco Institut is accredited as an expert testing organization by other testing bodies and label providers, such as Blue Angel, Cork-Logo, and LEED.

The Eco Institut tests products according to both national and international standards and quality requirements.

More information on the Eco Institut can be found here:

Sleep On Latex Eco Institut Certificate

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