How long will it take to get my order? +

All Mattress Toppers, Pillows and Mattresses (with the exception of King Size Mattresses) ship out within 1 business day.  Orders of these products received by 4PM CST will ship out the same day (Monday - Friday).  King Size Mattresses and Organic Cotton Covers (4" - 12") require 1 additional business day for shipping.

All products except for 9" King Mattresses are shipped through Fedex or UPS.  All products shipped through Fedex or UPS are estimated to be delivered within 4 business days.  Some 9" King Mattresses are shipped through Freight.  These mattresses are estimated to be delivered within 10 business days.   

Where do you ship from? +

We ship our products from our warehouse/factory in Chicago.

Do you offer expedited shipping options? +

We do not offer expedited shipping options through our website but are happy to arrange expedited shipping over the phone. Because of the large size of many of our products, expedited options can be relatively expensive.

What shipping service do you use? +

We ship most of our packages through Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery. We are able to ship through USPS or UPS by request although we may have to charge extra for these services.

How are the products packaged? +

Our mattresses and mattress toppers are rolled up, compressed and wrapped in plastic. The wrapped and compressed toppers are placed in corrugated box. We package all of our products very securely to avoid any damage in transit.

Do you offer free shipping? +

We offer free shipping to all shipping addresses within the contiguous United States. Additional shipping charges will apply to all orders shipped outside of the contiguous USA.

Can I pick up an order from your warehouse? +

No, we do not currently have any pick up options available.

Do you require that your packages are signed for? +

We do not require a signature upon delivery. The Fedex driver will leave the package without a signature if they feel it is secure.  If you would like us to require a signature, please let us know and we will be happy to do so.

Do you have a free return policy? +

Yes! We offer free returns for all of our products, including our mattresses. You can read the complete return policy here.

How long do I have to return the item to you? +

All Mattress Topper and Pillow returns must be requested within 30 days of receipt.  All Mattress returns must be requested within 100 days of receipt.

Can I exchange an item I purchase for a different item? +

Of course! We accept both returns and exchanges. In the case of an exchange, we will simply apply any refund as a credit towards a different item.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can return? +

Yes. We can only accept one item returned or exchanged per customer per 12 month period.

Do you resell returned products? +

We never resell any used products. Opened products are never returned to our warehouse.

How long will it take to receive a refund once the item is returned? +

We will initiate a refund as soon as the item is shipped back to us. It can take up to 5 business days for the funds to show up in your account.

What are your mattresses made out of? +

Our mattresses are made with three main ingredients: our Pure Green® natural latex foam, organic cotton and wool. The organic cotton and wool make up the quilted cover, and inside that is simply our natural latex foam!

Do your mattresses pass the federal fire testing? +

Yes! We don't use any fire retardant chemicals, but the layer of wool in the mattress cover acts as a natural fire barrier. This allows our mattresses to pass all of the required federal fire tests.

How do I know which mattress is right for me? +

That depends on a few things, like your personal preference and how you generally sleep. We have some information on the Mattress product page but if you need help deciding, feel free to call us at 312-487-2865 or send us an email! Our team will be excited to help you pick the best mattress for your needs

How much do the mattresses weigh? +

That depends on which mattress you purchase. Below is a list of the different weights:

Twin 7”
Soft: 60 pounds
Med: 65 pounds
Firm: 70 pounds

Twin XL 7”
Soft: 70 pounds
Med: 75 pounds
Firm: 80 pounds

Full 7”
Soft: 75 pounds
Med: 85 pounds
Firm: 95 pounds

Full XL 7”
Soft: 85 pounds
Med: 90 pounds
Firm: 95 pounds

Queen 7”
Soft: 98 pounds
Med: 108 pounds
Firm: 120 pounds

King 7”
Soft: 115 pounds
Med: 130 pounds
Firm: 140 pounds

Twin 9”
Soft: 75 pounds
Med: 80 pounds
Firm: 95 pounds

Twin XL 9”
Soft: 80 pounds
Med: 85 pounds
Firm: 90 pounds

Full 9”
Soft: 100 pounds
Med: 110 pounds
Firm: 120 pounds

Full XL 9”
Soft: 105 pounds
Med: 115 pounds
Firm: 125 pounds

Queen 9”
Soft: 115 pounds
Med: 125 pounds
Firm: 145 pounds

King 9”
Soft: 140 pounds
Med: 150 pounds
Firm: 185 pounds

What size box are the mattresses shipped in? +

The size of the box depends on which mattress you get. Below is a list of the different dimensions:

Twin 7”: 12" x 12" x 42"

Twin XL 7”: 12" x 12" x 42"

Full 7”: 12" x 12" x 58"

Full XL 7”: 12" x 12" x 58"

Queen 7”: 12" x 12" x 64"

King 7”: 12" x 12" x 82"

Twin 9”: 14" x 14" x 42"

Twin XL 9”: 14" x 14" x 42"

Full 9”: 14" x 14" x 58"

Full XL 9”: 14" x 14" x 58"

Queen 9”: 14" x 14" x 64"

King 9”: 14" x 14" x 82"

Do I need to air out the mattress? +

No. We strongly recommend that you use your new mattress right away. Letting the mattress sit in one place for several days will not produce any sort of change in the mattress.

What type of foundation or frame do you recommend using with your mattresses? +

We recommend a platform base or slatted foundation with spacing that is 3" apart or less. If you need to use a box spring, we strongly suggest using a bunky board or plywood board for extra support. Our mattresses are also very flexible and will work great on adjustable bed frames.

Do the toppers come with a cover? +

Our toppers do not automatically come with a cover. You have the option of adding a cover to any order by checking the "add organic cotton cover" box when you're adding the topper to your cart. If you decide you want a cover after you already received the topper, you can order the cover separately here.

Will you place the topper in the cover for me? +

Yes! As long as you order the topper and cover at the same time, we will send the topper to you already encased in the cover.

Are the topper covers machine washable? +

The cover is made with two separate pieces of fabric. The top piece covers the top and the sides. The top and bottom pieces zip together around the bottom edge of the cover. The top piece is machine washable in cold water, but the bottom piece is dry clean only.

Do I need to “air out” your toppers? +

No. We strongly recommend that you use your new topper right away. Letting the topper sit in one place for several days will not produce any sort of change in the topper.

Does it matter which side of the topper faces up? +

No, either side can be placed facing up.  There will not be any difference in performance between the two sides. 

Where is your latex foam manufactured? +

Our latex foam is manufactured in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a long-standing natural latex foam industry which grew from the availability of natural rubber on the island.

How do I know that your latex foam is made with 100% natural latex? +

We never use any synthetic latex in our foam.  We lab test samples of our foam to make absolutely sure that it contains only natural latex.

What certifications do you have? +

Our foam is certified by Oeko-Tex and the Eco Institut. You can read more about those certifications here.

Is your latex foam organic? +

It is important to point out that there is absolutely no physical difference between organic latex and natural latex.  They are physically identical products. The term only refers to the cultivation process of the rubber trees.

 While we would like to sell all organic latex, we do not believe it is feasible for us to do at this time. There are a limited number of plantations that have are certified organic and they are all in close physical proximity with one another. Latex can not be harvested when it is raining, so when this area goes through a prolonged rainy season, the supply often runs out. Some smaller suppliers may be able to handle this limited supply and swing in supply, but we are not able to do so.

We strongly recommend being skeptical of all organic claims without clear and proper documentation.  Factory certifications do not prove that latex foam is organic.  Many factories have a certification which allows them to produce organic latex foam, but they rarely actually do so.  Many retailers claim to sell "organic" latex foam but provide no clear documentation to back up the claim that the foam is in fact certified organic outside of referencing a factory certification.  It is our belief that a very large percentage of latex foam being marketed as "Organic" or "GOLS certified" is being done so frudulently.

Does it matter which side of the topper faces up? +

No, either side can be placed facing up.  There will not be any difference in performance between the two sides.

Is your latex foam made through the Dunlop or Talalay process? +

Our Pure Green® natural latex foam, which is used in our mattresses and mattress toppers, is made through the Dunlop process. We use the dunlop process because we believe Dunlop process foam works better for more people. Some people do have a preference for Talalay process foam, but many do not like the "bouncy" feel of Talalay foam. While Dunlop foam is springy, it is not "bouncy" like talalay foam, and in our experience, works better for more people.  

Our pillows are made with Talalay process latex foam.  While we believe that Dunlop foam is a superior choice for mattresses and mattress toppers, we think that Talalay process foam is best suited for pillows.

Do you offer financing? +

We do! We offer financing through Affirm. Financing through Affirm can be completed at checkout.

Can I place an order over the phone? +

Absolutely. Just call us at 312-487-2865 between 9am and 5pm CST, Monday through Saturday, and we’ll be happy to help you!

When was Sleep On Latex founded? +

Sleep On Latex was founded in 2013.  You can find more about our story here.

Where is Sleep On Latex located? +

Our office and factory is located in Niles, IL, which is right outside of Chicago.

Are Sleep On Latex products available at any retail stores? +

We do not sell our products through any retail locations.