Our Factory

All of our products are designed, sewn, assembled and packaged in our Chicago factory. Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality, prices and service. We take great pride and care in everything that we do in our factory.

Karl & Ezra in the Factory

Quality Comes First

Don’t be fooled by the low prices of our products. We sell the highest-quality latex mattress products in the world. Our products are meticulously designed with every consideration in mind. Every product we send from our factory is manufactured, assembled and inspected with care.

Our Team

We are extremely lucky to have an amazing team of people working in our factory. It is important that all of our employees understand and embody the ideals of our company. From the office to the factory floor, everyone is focused on creating great products and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Direct to Consumer

We are proud of our products and excited to share them with our customers. It is very important for us to connect directly to our customers. We strongly believe that by selling products directly from our factory floor to our customers, we are able to provide the best buying experience possible. We are passionate about our products and want to make them as accessible as possible. By keeping our margins low and selling directly to our customers, we are able to offer the most accessible latex mattresses and mattress toppers in the USA.

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