Our Latex Foam

We brought a challenge to our Sri Lankan counterparts. We wanted to produce the highest-quality natural latex foam that the world had ever seen. It had to contain only natural latex and be free of any synthetic latex or fillers. It had to carry leading international health certifications to ensure it was completely safe. It had to meet several performance and aesthetic standards that we set.

Karl & Ezra in the Factory

100% Natural Latex

Pure Green® Latex Foam contains only natural latex and never any synthetic latex, fillers or fire retardants. Natural latex used in our products is harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. Natural latex is a natural resource with physical performance properties that far surpass synthetic latex.

Health Certifications

Pure Green® Latex Foam is certified by both Oeko-Tex and eco-Institut, the world’s leading independent textile emissions testing bodies. These groups perform testing that measures any harmful emissions (such as VOC's). Products must comply with strict emissions standards to obtain certification. Our foam carries a Class 1 certification from Oeko-Tex, the most stringent class. All of our certifications are in the “Sleep On Latex” name so you can be sure you are actually buying a certified product.

Aesthetic & Performance Standards

In our quest to create the perfect latex foam, we came across many versions of latex foam that had individual elements of the aesthetic and performance standards that we were looking for. It wasn’t until we started working with our Sri Lankan factory that we were able to create a product that combined all of these elements into one product. The natural latex foam industry in Sri Lanka is one of the oldest in the world, and our partners are truly artists who have perfected their craft.

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