Our Story

Sleep On Latex was founded in 2013 and has quickly grown to become the largest retailer of latex mattress products in the USA. Through our partnership with our Sri Lankan factory, we have developed the gold standard in latex foam, Pure Green® Natural Latex Foam. Our formula is simple, offer the best products at the best prices and never stop pushing for improvement.

Karl & Ezra in the Factory

Humble Beginnings

Sleep On Latex was founded by Karl Shevick as a one-man operation in 2013. Working in conjunction with a distributor of latex foam, Sleep On Latex began selling latex mattress toppers and pillows. Sales grew quickly but Karl soon came to a realization that he needed to combine the sales and shipping operations to ensure customer satisfaction. In the beginning of 2014, Karl acquired a small warehouse space and enlisted the help of his younger brother Ezra. In little more than a year, they would move into a factory 10x the size of their original warehouse.

Journey to Sri Lanka

In 2014, Karl's quest to find the best latex foam in the world led him to Sri Lanka, a small island nation located to the south of India. Sri Lanka has a long-standing natural latex foam industry that has grown around the availability of natural rubber trees on the island. Karl worked with a factory in Sri Lanka to develop and produce our signature Pure Green® Latex Foam. We strongly believe that Pure Green® Latex Foam is the best latex foam available in the world.

Built for Success

We are in the business of creating and building. We continually reinvest in our future with the goal of creating better, more accessible products. We have assembled a team of talented employees whose values are aligned with ours. We have invested heavily in equipment and facilities to ensure we can provide top-notch service. Most importantly, we have developed a following of loyal customers, for which we are extremely grateful.

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