Sustainable Paper Packaging

Sleep On Latex is the first ever mattress-in-box company to replace plastic packaging with paper packaging.

Paper wrapping on mattress

"Our product is an environmentally friendly product, and we wanted our packaging to reflect that."

-Karl Shevick, CEO and Founder of Sleep On Latex

Sleep On Latex is always looking for ways to improve the environmental friendliness of our product. In recent years, we’ve taken our already all-natural mattress and topper and found organic sources for all of our inputs in order to become organic certified. We’ve also been fair trade certified under Fair for Life. 

One aspect of our business we knew needed improvement was our packaging. Before paper packaging, it took 2-3 pounds of plastic wrap just to package one mattress. We also didn’t like the idea of taking our organic, all-natural product and wrapping it in plastic. We knew this practice wasn't sustainable and that the only solution was to find new packaging materials.

It was a no-brainer when C3 Ingenuity, a mattress machinery manufacturer in Wisconsin, came to us with the idea of replacing our plastic wrapping with paper wrapping. They designed and built a new mattress packaging machine to allow us to wrap our mattresses in paper.

The paper wrap is easily recyclable and will be accepted by any recycling program that collects paper. Unlike plastic wrap, it will degrade if it doesn't get recycled and ends up in a landfill.

Sleep On Latex Box
Paper Tape
Plastic bag and compostable bag
Plastic Pillow Bag (left) Compostable Pillow Bag (Right)

We’re starting to work on removing plastic from other aspects of our packaging process. We’ve replaced the plastic tape with paper tape on almost all packages (seen above). We're also in the process of transitioning from plastic to compostable bags for pillow packaging. This is a work in progress as we experiment with different compostable bags, but an example is shown above. We're still wrapping our mattress toppers in plastic and hope to soon find a more sustainable packaging alternative for toppers, too.

Watch the video below for more information on our paper packaging and why it’s important to our company. 

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