Pure Green™ Natural Latex Mattress

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A New Standard in Latex Mattresses

Made of 100% Natural Latex Foam, GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton and GOTS-Certified Organic New Zealand Wool, this mattress marks a new standard in Latex Mattresses. Our design team carefully crafted this natural latex mattress for comfort, beauty, durability and ease of use! Each mattress is hand sewn, assembled and packaged in the USA by our highly skilled production team.

Couple Laying on Mattress

Jumping on the Mattress and Sitting on Finished Bed

All Natural Materials

The Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress features a simple combination of high-quality, all-natural components that work together to create a comfortable sleeping surface.

Natural Latex from Rubber Trees
100% Natural Latex Foam

The main component of our mattresses is our Pure Green® 100% natural latex foam. We work directly with our partners in Sri Lanka to bring you the highest-quality latex foam available. Pure Green® latex foam contains absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers and is made through the energy-efficient Dunlop process. Our foam carries both Oeko-Tex and eco-Institut certifications. Our 100% natural latex is the best sleeping surface available on the market! It provides pinpointed support that adjusts instantly as you move to help prevent the buildup of pressure points.

Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton Fabric

The 100% organic cotton knit fabric used in the cover is is GOTS-certified and features a very smooth, soft feel. It is stretchy but also very durable. When designing this mattress, we insisted on using only organic cotton fabric, which has a soft, cool surface that perfectly complements natural latex foam. We also use 100% organic cotton knit fabric for our quilt backing. This fabric is thin, flexible, strong and GOTS-certified. Although extremely important to the mattress construction, quilt backing is an afterthought to many mattress manufacturers, because customers don’t see it.

Sheep on Hills
Organic New Zealand Wool

Our GOTS-Certified Organic New Zealand wool adds a thin layer of softness and comfort to the surface of the mattress. Combined with our cotton fabric, wool contributes to a breathable cover that keeps you cool while you sleep. Wool has inherent fire-resistant properties and provides an effective fire barrier in our mattress. This allows the Pure Green®  Natural Latex Mattress to naturally comply with federal flammability regulations without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or barriers.

Innovative Construction

The cover of the mattress is made with two separate pieces that are attached with a simple, heavy-duty zipper. This zipper is hidden underneath the bottom edge of the mattress. The zipper can be easily unzipped to access the latex foam inside the mattress. The cover can also be completely removed and dry cleaned if needed. The channel quilting pattern of the cover is simple, attractive and functional.
The final result is elegant and above all, comfortable!

  • Designing the Mattress
  • Designed in ChicagoThe Pure Green® Latex Mattress features a unique construction built from the ground up by our Chicago design team. We completely reimagined the design of a latex mattress and created prototype after prototype to test out our ideas. We left no stone unturned in creating the perfect latex mattress. We are extremely proud to share this mattress with the world.

  • Sitting on the Mattress
  • Conforms to Your BodyThe cover is strong but stretchy, which means it doesn’t impact the feel of the latex. Stiff fabric prevents latex from bending as much as it should, but our soft knit cotton fabric allows you to completely feel the softness of the latex foam. Our unique design adds extra give and flexibility not present in mattresses that are completely encased in a restricting cover.

  • Mattress Being Unpacked
  • No Assembly RequiredSimply place the mattress on your bed frame, unroll the plastic wrap, and your mattresses will spring to life! The mattress arrives as a single piece, and absolutely no assembly is required. Each mattress already has its cover on it, so you don’t have to struggle with cramming foam into the cover of your new mattress. Each mattress is rolled up and compressed, so it’s much easier to ship, and easier for you to move once you receive it.

Ultimate Comfort

We understand that one firmness level does not work for every customer. People who sleep in different positions can have vastly different mattress preferences. We offer a simple choice of three different options to accommodate all sleeping styles and preferences.

Soft Mattress

Our soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers. Side sleepers generally prefer mattresses that are soft enough to allow their shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress. Softness on the mattress surface helps to reduce pressure points and maintain proper spine alignment.

Medium Firmness Mattress

Our medium firmness is perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers who want a slightly firmer, more supportive mattress. The medium is our most popular mattress firmness. It works great for couples with different sleep styles.

Firm Mattress

Our firm mattress is great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer sleeping on a firm surface. It feels very supportive and strong but has just enough give to help alleviate pressure points.

Choose Your Height

9 inch Mattress Cross-Section
Standard Mattress

The base layer of the standard mattress is a 6" piece of 100% natural latex foam. This 6" base layer provides a strong and supportive base. On top of the base, a softer 2" layer of 100% natural latex foam adds softness to the surface of the mattress. Together these two pieces combine to provide a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. Additional height is added from the wool quilted into the mattress cover.

7 inch Mattress Cross-Section
Low Profile Mattress

The Low Profile mattress contains one solid 6" layer of foam. Extra height is added from the wool quilted into the mattress cover. The Low Profile mattress is a simple and affordable configuration for experiencing the comfort of latex foam. It is also a bit more portable than the standard mattress and is great for applications that require a lower loft mattress. A mattress topper can always be added to the Low Profile mattress to adjust the firmness or add cushion, if needed.

Choose Your Mattress Size

Mattress Sizes
Mattress Sizes
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Free Shipping & Returns

All of our products ship for free. We know you’ll love our mattress, but if not, just give us a call and let us know it’s not working. We’ll set up a free pickup of your mattress and refund you in full once the mattress is picked up. The mattress can be returned anytime within 100 days of receipt. The mattress can be returned for any reason and we never charge any restocking fees. Click here to view the complete shipping & return policy.

10 Year Calender
10-Year Warranty

We are confident that our Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress will serve you well for years to come. Natural latex foam is the most durable mattress material available, and our covers are individually crafted to ensure their longevity. Each mattress comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty so that you can feel confident in your investment. Click here to view the complete warranty. We also include a copy with every purchase.

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Unbeatable Prices

Pure Green® latex foam is manufactured directly for us. Many of our competitors buy smaller quantities of foam from distributors in the USA at higher prices. Because Pure Green® latex foam is made to our own specifications, we have much more control over the quality of our products than retailers who sell at much higher prices. All of our mattresses are sewn and assembled in our Chicago factory. Many other retailers sell mattresses that are sewn, assembled and sometimes even shipped by third-party contractors.

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