Pure Green™ Natural Latex Mattress Topper

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The World's Best-Selling Latex Mattress Topper

Experience the comfort of the World's best-selling latex mattress topper!  Our Pure Green® natural latex mattress toppers are made from 100% natural latex. If you are looking for a latex mattress topper that is all natural, this is the way to go. 

100% Natural Latex Foam

Our Pure Green® natural latex mattress toppers are made with only natural latex and never contain any synthetic latex, fire retardants or cheap fillers. While our competitors dilute their products with synthetic latex and fillers (but often market them as "natural"), we insist on selling only 100% natural latex products. Our latex foam is certified by leading international testing institutions to verify its purity and safety.

  • Rubber Tree Plantation
  • No Synthetic Latex or Fire Retardant ChemicalsPure Green® latex foam never contains any synthetic latex or fire retardant chemicals. Our Pure Green® toppers contain only natural latex harvested from rubber trees. Many other latex mattress toppers on the market contain synthetic latex (even those marketed as 100% latex). The use of synthetic latex results in noticeably lower-quality foam. When you buy a mattress topper from Sleep On Latex, you know you are buying the real deal! Our toppers comply with all fire regulations without the use of fire retardant chemicals.

  • Pure Green Certifications
  • Sleep Healthy! Our Pure Green® latex mattress toppers are eco-Institut, Oeko-Tex and Greenguard Gold certified. All of these certifications are issued by internationally recognized laboratories after extensive testing of our foam for any emissions of potentially harmful VOCs. These certifications ensure that our Pure Green natural latex mattress toppers are always a safe and healthy addition to your bedroom.

Ultimate Performance

Our latex mattress toppers are not only natural… they are extremely comfortable! They are also more durable and stay cooler than any other types of foam toppers.

Support Icon

Our latex mattress toppers provide perfect pinpointed support. Latex foam gives but also provides contoured support. It reacts instantly to every body movement to ensure comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Pure Green® latex foam is made through the energy-efficient Dunlop process. Dunlop process latex foam is springy and reactive but not “bouncy” like Talalay process foam. We produce our latex foam through the Dunlop process because we believe that Dunlop process latex foam works better for more people.

Durability Icon

Pure Green® latex mattress toppers are extremely durable and often last longer than the mattress they are used on top of. Latex foam is the most durable type of foam used in the mattress industry. We routinely speak to customers who have had latex mattresses and mattress toppers for 20 years or more. Tests have shown that latex mattresses and mattress toppers lose very little thickness and firmness over the life of the product. Pure Green® latex foam scored a 99/100 on the internationally recognized LGA physical properties test for exhibiting extraordinary performance and durability.

Breathability Icon

Pure Green® latex mattress toppers are heat neutral. Latex foam contains millions of microscopic air chambers that allow air to flow through the foam. Because of this, latex foam remains heat neutral and will not absorb body heat. We have many customers who buy latex mattress toppers to cool down their mattresses. Unlike memory foam, the firmness of latex foam will not change depending on the temperature.

Choose Your Firmness

Soft Topper Icon

20 ILD - 4 lbs/cubic ft - The ideal topper if you want to make your mattress softer. This is our most popular product! Natural latex foam is always springy and supportive, so even with the soft option, you won't feel like you're sinking through the mattress topper. This firmness is perfect for side sleepers who are trying to alleviate hip or shoulder pain.

Medium Topper Icon

30 ILD - 5 lbs/cubic ft - Great if you want to add pinpointed support to an old mattress without significantly changing the firmness. The medium is the most popular firmness for back sleepers. It also works great for couples seeking a compromise between firm and soft. Our medium toppers are a popular choice as layers in DIY mattress configurations.

Firm Topper Icon

44 ILD - 5.9 lbs/cubic ft - Perfect if you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress. While our firm foam is extremely strong and supportive, it is not rigid or stiff. We get many customers who use this firmness to firm up a mattress that is too soft (at least 2" and preferably 3" should be used for this purpose). This firmness also works great as a bottom layer in a DIY mattress.

Choose Your Thickness

1 Inch Image
1" Mattress Topper

Our 1” toppers are great for producing a subtle change to the surface feel of a mattress. While a 1” topper will not add a significant level of support, it will tweak the feel of a mattress without adding much additional height.

2 Inch Image
2" Mattress Topper

The 2” thickness is our most popular topper thickness. A 2” topper will provide a significant change in firmness and add pinpointed support to any mattress while still retaining support from the underlying mattress.

3 Inch Image
3" Mattress Topper

A 3” topper will provide the most significant change to a mattress. Our 3" toppers get the best reviews from our customers. If you need a “mattress makeover”, this is the topper for you!

Choose Your Mattress Size

Size Chart

Size Chart

Mattress Topper Cover

Optional Cover (80% Organic Cotton / 20% Polyester Fabric)

We offer the option to purchase our toppers with a cover. Our cover is designed and manufactured in Chicago. The fabric we use in our covers is luxurious and soft but stretchy enough that it does not restrict the foam.
The cover is made with two separate pieces of fabric that zip together around the bottom edge. The fabric that covers the top and sides contains 80% organic cotton and a small amount (20%) of polyester, which prevents the cover from shrinking when washed. The bottom piece is a 100% organic cotton woven fabric that helps to prevent the topper from sliding. The organic cotton bottom is not washable.
Please note that while a cover is very nice to have, it is not a necessity. Most of our toppers are actually purchased without covers. Our toppers can also be covered with a fitted sheet.
Our covers can be purchased separately here.

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Free Shipping & Returns

All of our products ship for free. We know you’ll love our mattress topper, but if not, just give us a call and let us know it’s not working. We’ll send you a free prepaid return label and large box to return the topper in. The topper can be returned anytime within 30 days of receipt. The topper can be returned for any reason and we never charge any restocking fees. Click here to view the complete shipping & return policy.

Warranty Icon
5-Year Warranty

We are confident that our Pure Green® Natural Latex Mattress topper will serve you well for years to come. Natural latex foam is the most durable mattress material available, and our covers are individually crafted to ensure their longevity. Each mattress topper comes with a 5-year warranty so that you can feel confident in your investment. Click here to view the complete warranty.

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Unbeatable Prices

Our natural latex foam is manufactured for us in our Sri Lankan factory. Many of our competitors buy smaller quantities of foam from distributors in the USA at higher prices. Because Pure Green® latex foam is made to our own specifications, we have much more control over the quality of our products than retailers who sell at much higher prices. Pure Green® natural latex foam is the highest-quality latex foam available in the USA.

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